Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i'm kind of obsessed with my boy scouts shirt

hi guys! this is my new boy scouts shirt, courtesy of the goodwill. ;) basically since i went thrifting crazy in high school, i've been dreaming of finding one of these. but, since i sort of stopped looking through the children's section after i graduated high school, my chances got unlikely. lately i've been looking through the dresses for avery, and this guy was tucked in there just waiting for me! it's a little bigger than i would prefer but dude. whatever. i don't know what any of the little patches mean, because i'm not sure if boy scouts and girl scouts patches are similar.. regardless, i love it!! this is how i wore it the first time:

necklace: cm via local honey in nashville
tank top: ae
boy scouts shirt: goodwill
shorts: old ae
socks: austin's
boots: vintage justins, via etsy

even though i sorta hate wearing white tights, i LOVE when i remember to break out these boots. they are one of my greatest etsy purchases to date and they were sized wrong on etsy (they said women's 5, but really they're little boy's 5)! so really i should not have bought them.. at all. but i did, because i was so obsessed, and they fit perfectly.. because a child's 5 is a woman's 7. :)

i keep saying it, but my day off outfits are a little more ridiculous than my regular "work clothes" (not that those aren't my personal style, either) and i tend to have a little more fun with them. for work, i'm excited to wear the boy scouts shirt over a dress, with skirts, tucked into jeans with a cardi or a scarf, etc etc etc..

possibilities are endless and i'm so excited!


  1. you probably don't give a crap about this but I thought you should know that that is a Cub Scout shirt. Boy Scout shirts are tan with shoulder Passants.