Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Extra sleepy

Hi! Tonight I got to go to dinner with my sister, my dad, and avery. It was dad's birthday and even though I guess he didn't want to make a big deal of it or whatever, I liked hanging out with my family for a second. I don't really see my dad very often & I'm afraid I'm not going to be seeing Kendall very often soon, because she's starting a new job. So having a dinner with them was cute and special.

in other out of the ordinary news from this week, I found out I have hand foot & mouth disease which is weird and disgusting and painful and makes me feel like a freak. I get the weirdest illnesses all of the time, which I wish I could blame on the fact that I take an immuno-suppressant for a different illness, but I can't because I've always gotten them! When I was little, I had the chicken pox I think three times. I also got attacked by weird bugs in a tent with three other people who weren't affected at all. Later, in high school, I got Rocky Mountain spotted fever and also SHINGLES. Haha, shingles are not common in 18 year olds. :'( this whole hand foot & mouth thing just makes me feel super icky, even though the doctor assured me that it was 100% my sensitive and infant-like immune system. ;) I'll just be glad when it's gone!! Thankfully, I really do think I'm right at the tail end (knock on wood).

Also another thing that I don't think I've mentioned here is that we're planning a big trip to Colorado for this summer and I can't wait. I thought about starting a countdown on our chalkboard, but it isn't big enough ;)

Buuut, we're going to see aziz ansari next week (austin got me tickets for my birthday) and that will definitely fit on the chalkboard!! I'm so excited, especially since I've missed aziz before, when I worked at my old job that wouldn't give me any nights off (womp womp). Also when we see aziz, it'll only be 5 days for my birthday !!!! And maybe by then I'll have mailed out becca's birthday present!!!! Buying everything from etsy makes receiving everything in a timely manner kinda impossible sometimes.

This is kind of the silliest thing I've ever posted on this blog, but I drank too much tea at dinner and I'm super wide awake and I've already weirdly middle-of-the-night plucked my eyebrows so typing a lot of nonsense into my phone seemed like the right thing to do. ;) I think maybe I'll read a little bit now, and edit through this tomorrow, haha. <3

Monday, March 18, 2013

outfits from instagram

i realized recently that i take a lot of pictures of my outfits for instagram. i thought i'd share them here. :)

on saturday, it was 73 degrees outside and i couldn't not spend my break sitting outside on a bench and just kind of enjoying it. i'm not really that into the heat.. but i can't deny that this time of year is kind of magical. shedding jackets and tights is welcome right now. :)
(this shirt is my favorite from our new stuff at ae)

but then i finally decided to bare my legs and it started SNOWING! i was at my sister's house, it was 60 degrees outside, and then we looked out of the window and really couldn't believe how heavily flakes were coming down. i loved it, but i didn't want to go outside until it stopped, obviously..
(this shirt is from uo, the skirt is vintage, and my phone case is from society6)

i also recently wore this little camo jacket, but had to layer a sweater underneath. i can't wait to try and pull it off with florals in the spring. everyone's doubting me, but.. ;)

sometimes when i get dressed for work, i realize that i'm head-to-toe ae, and looking more brand than usual. i always think it's kind of funny and weird and it makes me feel a little like i'm being lazy? i don't know. but i did like this outfit, mostly.
(top is from christmas time, cardigan: here, shoes: here)

i redid our sunglasses at work and found these cute ones to get for austin. when i got home, i went through a box of vintage/antiques that a friend of my dad's gave me and found these green glitter ones that are the same design. i'm kind of obsessed with them. plus i get really excited when we match? ;)


Friday, March 8, 2013

stuff i'm loving lately

becca is one of my favorite people to shop for, because i can buy her things i could never really buy anyone else. i don't know if that makes sense, but i think that's how all best friends are? anyway, i started shopping for her birthday present extra early this year, so i could have things shipped to me before i shipped them to her. then i remembered how soon my birthday was, and started shopping for myself, too. ;) so here's just a few (aka, a lot of) things from etsy that i love right now (and i think there's only one accidental hint to becca as to what might be coming her way for her birthday).

mountain printed maxi skirt by thief and bandit
lime green scalloped mini dress
bunny shadow puppet brooch by hungry designs
"paper" towels tea towels
grey and red sweater
ok, by the time it's my birthday this would be totally unnecessary.. until next fall. but it's so pretty!
butter dish by tuesday bassen
swan boats print by field guided
blue ridge mountains brass cuff by dinosaurtoes
a year's subscription to what did you buy today by kateconsumption
golden protective hand bangle by datter
donut ring by petitplat
johnny cash i walk the line print by concepcion studios
i love etsy. <3

Thursday, March 7, 2013

obsessing over this

so lately a lot of my free time has been spent looking around tumblr for tattoo ideas. but then i find all of these other things to obsess over, too. tumblr is weird and i always forget how much of a bottomless pit it can be until i end up staying awake until 3 am clicking around (whoops).

a couple of nights ago, someone posted a picture from this blog, and i was immediately obsessed. what my daughter wore is comprised of drawings of the author's ten year old daughter, sons, and their friends. the drawings are so pretty and the kids dress better than i do, so i mean. obsessed.

i thought i'd share some of my favorites here.

cat and mouse vintage skirt
al pacino t-shirt over vintage dress
boy scout shirt as dress
bon lapin
star wars t-shirt and tropical scene dress
i hope you guys like this blog as much as i do! any other hidden gems of blogs you can share with me? <3

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

letting go

i haven't really talked about the button factory closing. i still don't really have much to say about it.. but i am finally ready to let go of it. this is how i'm going to do that.

one thing about the button factory is that we were planning on making it a real brick and mortar store one day. which means, every time we found a dress or some sheets or a purse, we had to decide if we wanted to hold it back and keep it for our future store, rather than sell it on our funds-building etsy shop right away. since the decision to close the shop and stop collecting vintage was incredibly quick, we were left with about ten boxes of stock. i wasn't sure what to do with it, and it's been sitting in my guest bedroom literally since the beginning of the year. these items are the ones that we loved the most, the ones that we wanted displayed in real life and bought by people in front of us, rather than online. it was really, really hard to want to give it all up. bekuh and i both went through it all, keeping things that we'd secretly wanted to keep all along (this was kinda the coolest part), and i've let some of my friends go through it, as well. i was especially excited to share with lindsey, and i'm sure you can see why from that post <3. but i STILL had ten boxes of things.. somehow. i've played with a bunch of different ideas on how to get rid of it in a way that felt deserving of how awesome everything was, and i finally decided to do a "quick" instagram sale. things are priced about as low as i could imagine pricing them, and there are sizes xxs-xl. i spent a few hours today, but there are still things to post, so i'll be updating it a few more times over the next couple of days.

if you see something that you like, but are curious about measurements or color (i didn't use any filters, but you know) or don't have a paypal account, comment on a picture or email me at katie.thebuttonfactory@gmail.com. we'll figure something out. i desperately want these pretty things to go to worthy homes.

in case you're about my size (a small in tops, a size 2 in pants, a small chest, and a mini belly) and you're interested but don't want to go through 90+ items, these are some of the ones that i would have kept if i was allowed to wear whatever i wanted to work: this wrap skirt, this pendleton skirt, this party dress (insert the emoji with the heart eyes here???), this yellow top (the whole thing screams adorable), this clover crop top (how holiday appropriate), this neon tunic, this grid button-up (i wore this all the time tucked into skirts at one of my previous jobs, but it isn't ae appropriate), this perfect silky maxi dress, and this one is my FAVORITE dress that i'm leaving behind.

if you feel so inclined, you can share this instagram with any vintage-loving friends. the prices really can't be beat for what we're sharing.