Wednesday, November 28, 2012

if i had an instagram, #4

man, black friday week really took it out of me. i've been exhausted and cranky and at work laaaate every night for the past week. we're in peak season, and i'm feeling it, haha. i thought i'd stop in and share a couple of tidbits from my day-to-day. :)

lately, i've been spending as much time as possible with these two. kendall as a mom is my favorite version of kendall that i've known. i love her so much. and obviously i'm obsessed with avery. obviously.

lately, this hat basically never leaves my head. i've been all about feeling constant cuddles with my sleeplessness and this hat, paired with a thick, knitted scarf, are my favorites.

i also learned how to do some make-up. this is dramatic, i've never worn make-up before in my life! what in the world. now i'm obsessed.

this is my friend jennifer. she moved back to her motherland, which happens to be utah, to go back to school. i stole her from my previous job to come to ae with me, and i'm gonna miss her a lottttt. wah. i'm so sentimental about everything that saying goodbye to people is always the weirdest and worst.

and now, at 3 am, i am going to go to sleep. tomorrow (today) and thursday are my days off this week, and i plan to sleep, hang out with kendall, wrap some presents i've been waiting to get in the mail, and figure out why my car's rear tire has been losing air. ;) <3

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