Friday, January 11, 2013

oversized sweatshirt & tight shiny pants

i can't believe january 2013 is already halfway over. we haven't even started packing and we're moving in two weeks! oh geez. actually, on the day we took these pictures, we went through our closets and got rid of about 4 trash bags of clothes. i'm sure the number of things we get rid of will double when we start packing.. things look a lot less necessary when you start thinking about lugging them to a new house. :)

i gotta be real, i'm not even stressed about moving at all. really, we're going about two blocks down the road, and i get to use my grown up job pto to take time off to pack. ;) also, now that things are calming down from the holidays, i'm feeling so much more comfortable and less anxious all of the time. relaxing has become my #1 activity, i guess.

even though this sweatshirt is a little big (it's austin's.. a christmas present from me, omg), i really loved this outfit. these pants are ridiculous (see below) and i wanted to calm them down as much as possible. i think the combination is perfect.

see?! they're shiny! damask print! pants! !! ridiculous and i love them.

necklace: anthropologie
sweatshirt: kinship press
belt: christmas gift
pants: ae
flats: steve madden



  1. I love those pants! I tried on some that were pretty similar at target, but when I went back to get them they didn't have my size. Now seeing your pants makes me wish I wouldn't have waited!

    1. i do that all the time! it's the worst. i almost feel like things become waaay more desirable once they're sold out, too. here are these guys online in case you can't stop thinking about them, haha: ;) <3

  2. You know I'm going to own these, right? Xoxo

    1. perfect girl! i had to order them because obv we'll never get these in store. miss u forever <3<3

  3. I am loving your blog and your oversized sweat shirt! But then again I like anything oversized.
    Almost Endearing

  4. such a fun outfit!
    and just keep not stressing about moving. the more you purge beforehand, the better off you are :)