Tuesday, January 1, 2013


how was your new years eve ? i spent a big chunk of mine at work, which was insanely and unexpectedly busy. but then i came home and cooked dinner with austin. we watched a movie, shared some champagne (and leftover ice cream cake for me), and practically slept through the countdown. geez.

we had the day off together today, and i think we were pretty successful in our errand-running. our plans were to get lunch, get to the bank, and stop at the cell phone store before austin's band practice this afternoon.

i have this ridiculous habit of running every phone i have into the ground. i refuse to get a new one for no reason other than to get a new one, but once my old crappy phone starts dying.. i rush out to replace it as soon as possible. so, my new phone is in my hands. i've already downloaded all of the necessary apps, including instagram (littlegirlkatie) & snapchat. ;)

one of my new years resolutions was to do more than send texts of my cute outfits to becca, and share more on this blog. it's kiiiinda one of the reasons i started it to begin with. this is what i wore to work yesterday.. i felt like a little extra glamour was necessary, haha. originally, i had a sequined cardigan on, but, paired with the velvet leggings, it somehow felt like too much - even for nye.

i tried to pile on the accessories to make up for it, though. ;) you may recognize the dinosaur toes necklace from previous blog posts - austin got it for me for christmas! and the little bunny necklace was last year's gift from him.

i've been wearing a loooot of rings lately, too. this year, almost all of my favorite people gave me rings as gifts.. in my head, i've been thinking of it as the year of the rings (not to be confused with the year of The Ring - har har).

cardigan: ae
top: ae
belt: ae
velvet leggings: aerie
socks: ae
boots: docs
rings: ae, pacsun, catbird



  1. So cute! I love this outfit, you look gorgeous. :) I wish I could pull off rings. My fingers are so stubby. :P

  2. i love it!! the velvet is so cute!