Saturday, December 1, 2012

radvent, day 1

hi! happy december!

every december, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, meg of princess lasertron, does a series called radvent. i've never participated, because, well, i've never had a blog in december.. until now. i really look up to meg - she's smart, hilarious, and a businesswoman whom i'd love to emulate. if you've never read through her blog, or looked at her shop or her other shop, i recommend it all.

i miss writing a lot. i've fallen out of it, and lost the ability to do it as well as i used to. i'm rarely happy with the way that i choose to word things these days, and hope that a month-long writing exercise will help this. i'm going to try and keep up, doing this every day.. but with holiday retail.. we'll see how it goes. i'm not going to force myself to lose sleep over it. ;)

day one: knowledge

* i know that family is the most important part of life. i go through phases of being really unhappy with aspects of my family, but at the end of the day - my love for them and their love for me doesn't change.
* i know that happiness is chosen. my pop and i used to have long, long conversations about choosing to make the best of things, choosing to be in a good mood, and choosing to be friendly. it isn't always easy.. actually, it isn't easy. but the older i get, the more important i see these lessons as being. i choose to be happy, even when i'm stressed out. i choose to be in a good mood, even if my head is swimming in depression. it helps. sometimes i wallow in sadness by watching parenthood at key parts of my week and letting myself cry it out, but mostly, i choose to wake up every day in a good mood.
* i know that appearance is almost always the most important aspect of a first impression, so my interest in clothes/fashion and (newly) makeup isn't silly, even when people try to make me feel like i'm being silly. these things are important - and have a huge impact on how i feel all day long.
* (this one is slightly stolen and reinterpreted from meg's post) i know that opinions are important and necessary, but not always necessary to share. i can feel strongly about something, and not constantly need to run my mouth to every single person about it, without making that opinion any less validated. especially after this most recent election, i saw myself virtually growing up by way of biting my tongue.
* i know that true love has serious ups and downs, but is overall a feeling of happy contentness. it is not a rollercoaster ride of emotions, which is how i've described love in the past, but a warmness that doesn't go away, even if you're disagreeing. ;)
* i know that bunnies are the cutest things to ever exist. except for avery grace.

let me know if you're participating in radvent, too! i'm always interested to see other responses. <3

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  1. i totally believe that you choose happiness! have you read the happiness project?? i loved it. totally builds on that idea in everyday life.