Thursday, March 7, 2013

obsessing over this

so lately a lot of my free time has been spent looking around tumblr for tattoo ideas. but then i find all of these other things to obsess over, too. tumblr is weird and i always forget how much of a bottomless pit it can be until i end up staying awake until 3 am clicking around (whoops).

a couple of nights ago, someone posted a picture from this blog, and i was immediately obsessed. what my daughter wore is comprised of drawings of the author's ten year old daughter, sons, and their friends. the drawings are so pretty and the kids dress better than i do, so i mean. obsessed.

i thought i'd share some of my favorites here.

cat and mouse vintage skirt
al pacino t-shirt over vintage dress
boy scout shirt as dress
bon lapin
star wars t-shirt and tropical scene dress
i hope you guys like this blog as much as i do! any other hidden gems of blogs you can share with me? <3

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