Monday, March 18, 2013

outfits from instagram

i realized recently that i take a lot of pictures of my outfits for instagram. i thought i'd share them here. :)

on saturday, it was 73 degrees outside and i couldn't not spend my break sitting outside on a bench and just kind of enjoying it. i'm not really that into the heat.. but i can't deny that this time of year is kind of magical. shedding jackets and tights is welcome right now. :)
(this shirt is my favorite from our new stuff at ae)

but then i finally decided to bare my legs and it started SNOWING! i was at my sister's house, it was 60 degrees outside, and then we looked out of the window and really couldn't believe how heavily flakes were coming down. i loved it, but i didn't want to go outside until it stopped, obviously..
(this shirt is from uo, the skirt is vintage, and my phone case is from society6)

i also recently wore this little camo jacket, but had to layer a sweater underneath. i can't wait to try and pull it off with florals in the spring. everyone's doubting me, but.. ;)

sometimes when i get dressed for work, i realize that i'm head-to-toe ae, and looking more brand than usual. i always think it's kind of funny and weird and it makes me feel a little like i'm being lazy? i don't know. but i did like this outfit, mostly.
(top is from christmas time, cardigan: here, shoes: here)

i redid our sunglasses at work and found these cute ones to get for austin. when i got home, i went through a box of vintage/antiques that a friend of my dad's gave me and found these green glitter ones that are the same design. i'm kind of obsessed with them. plus i get really excited when we match? ;)



  1. I really want that chevron button up !!!

  2. hi, you're the best human of all the humans. it would actually be really cool if we could hang out soon, ok? I like pop's and the theater and harry potter. <3 <3

  3. I really like your style, and most of all LOVE your hair!


  4. Love the green cardigan! I can't pass by anything green and so fresh looking..)

  5. Love love love that geometric shirt in the first photo! So lovely