Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Extra sleepy

Hi! Tonight I got to go to dinner with my sister, my dad, and avery. It was dad's birthday and even though I guess he didn't want to make a big deal of it or whatever, I liked hanging out with my family for a second. I don't really see my dad very often & I'm afraid I'm not going to be seeing Kendall very often soon, because she's starting a new job. So having a dinner with them was cute and special.

in other out of the ordinary news from this week, I found out I have hand foot & mouth disease which is weird and disgusting and painful and makes me feel like a freak. I get the weirdest illnesses all of the time, which I wish I could blame on the fact that I take an immuno-suppressant for a different illness, but I can't because I've always gotten them! When I was little, I had the chicken pox I think three times. I also got attacked by weird bugs in a tent with three other people who weren't affected at all. Later, in high school, I got Rocky Mountain spotted fever and also SHINGLES. Haha, shingles are not common in 18 year olds. :'( this whole hand foot & mouth thing just makes me feel super icky, even though the doctor assured me that it was 100% my sensitive and infant-like immune system. ;) I'll just be glad when it's gone!! Thankfully, I really do think I'm right at the tail end (knock on wood).

Also another thing that I don't think I've mentioned here is that we're planning a big trip to Colorado for this summer and I can't wait. I thought about starting a countdown on our chalkboard, but it isn't big enough ;)

Buuut, we're going to see aziz ansari next week (austin got me tickets for my birthday) and that will definitely fit on the chalkboard!! I'm so excited, especially since I've missed aziz before, when I worked at my old job that wouldn't give me any nights off (womp womp). Also when we see aziz, it'll only be 5 days for my birthday !!!! And maybe by then I'll have mailed out becca's birthday present!!!! Buying everything from etsy makes receiving everything in a timely manner kinda impossible sometimes.

This is kind of the silliest thing I've ever posted on this blog, but I drank too much tea at dinner and I'm super wide awake and I've already weirdly middle-of-the-night plucked my eyebrows so typing a lot of nonsense into my phone seemed like the right thing to do. ;) I think maybe I'll read a little bit now, and edit through this tomorrow, haha. <3


  1. Katie I am so super excited that you an Austin are going to Colorado! I already told him about a really adorable old school penny arcade in Manitou Springs. I also hope you guys will get to see Garden of the Gods or other neat outdoorsie things. I'm super jealous, I miss that state a bunch.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. hahaha i love this! im sorry about your funky illness but at least itll go away soon. colorado sounds SO FUN! perhaps youll jump over to california after? i mean theyre pretty close ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness, i hope you feel better soon! What a horrible thing to have contracted! xx