Friday, March 8, 2013

stuff i'm loving lately

becca is one of my favorite people to shop for, because i can buy her things i could never really buy anyone else. i don't know if that makes sense, but i think that's how all best friends are? anyway, i started shopping for her birthday present extra early this year, so i could have things shipped to me before i shipped them to her. then i remembered how soon my birthday was, and started shopping for myself, too. ;) so here's just a few (aka, a lot of) things from etsy that i love right now (and i think there's only one accidental hint to becca as to what might be coming her way for her birthday).

mountain printed maxi skirt by thief and bandit
lime green scalloped mini dress
bunny shadow puppet brooch by hungry designs
"paper" towels tea towels
grey and red sweater
ok, by the time it's my birthday this would be totally unnecessary.. until next fall. but it's so pretty!
butter dish by tuesday bassen
swan boats print by field guided
blue ridge mountains brass cuff by dinosaurtoes
a year's subscription to what did you buy today by kateconsumption
golden protective hand bangle by datter
donut ring by petitplat
johnny cash i walk the line print by concepcion studios
i love etsy. <3


  1. I adore Kate Bingaman-Burt... so happy that her zine made the list! I am always contemplating purchasing it! Love your blog! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  2. I've been wearing my donut earrings non stop & just saw that blue ridge cuff in yr etsy. I just want everything. Glad we're both doing birthday shopping for ourselves, too. Just got a perf romper from anthro with part of yr junk hehe~

  3. Oh etsy, I love you! It truly is an amazing place + I love selling on there too! This is my shop I hope you have a look! Plus if you look at my blog I'm offering a discount too ;) cheeky I know! But you can't blame a girl for trying :)



  4. looove your finds! especially the bunny brooch <3