Tuesday, March 5, 2013

letting go

i haven't really talked about the button factory closing. i still don't really have much to say about it.. but i am finally ready to let go of it. this is how i'm going to do that.

one thing about the button factory is that we were planning on making it a real brick and mortar store one day. which means, every time we found a dress or some sheets or a purse, we had to decide if we wanted to hold it back and keep it for our future store, rather than sell it on our funds-building etsy shop right away. since the decision to close the shop and stop collecting vintage was incredibly quick, we were left with about ten boxes of stock. i wasn't sure what to do with it, and it's been sitting in my guest bedroom literally since the beginning of the year. these items are the ones that we loved the most, the ones that we wanted displayed in real life and bought by people in front of us, rather than online. it was really, really hard to want to give it all up. bekuh and i both went through it all, keeping things that we'd secretly wanted to keep all along (this was kinda the coolest part), and i've let some of my friends go through it, as well. i was especially excited to share with lindsey, and i'm sure you can see why from that post <3. but i STILL had ten boxes of things.. somehow. i've played with a bunch of different ideas on how to get rid of it in a way that felt deserving of how awesome everything was, and i finally decided to do a "quick" instagram sale. things are priced about as low as i could imagine pricing them, and there are sizes xxs-xl. i spent a few hours today, but there are still things to post, so i'll be updating it a few more times over the next couple of days.

if you see something that you like, but are curious about measurements or color (i didn't use any filters, but you know) or don't have a paypal account, comment on a picture or email me at katie.thebuttonfactory@gmail.com. we'll figure something out. i desperately want these pretty things to go to worthy homes.

in case you're about my size (a small in tops, a size 2 in pants, a small chest, and a mini belly) and you're interested but don't want to go through 90+ items, these are some of the ones that i would have kept if i was allowed to wear whatever i wanted to work: this wrap skirt, this pendleton skirt, this party dress (insert the emoji with the heart eyes here???), this yellow top (the whole thing screams adorable), this clover crop top (how holiday appropriate), this neon tunic, this grid button-up (i wore this all the time tucked into skirts at one of my previous jobs, but it isn't ae appropriate), this perfect silky maxi dress, and this one is my FAVORITE dress that i'm leaving behind.

if you feel so inclined, you can share this instagram with any vintage-loving friends. the prices really can't be beat for what we're sharing.


  1. Oh sad! I'm so sorry to hear the Button Factory is closing :(

  2. You and Bekuh should still keep the dream of a brick and mortar store alive!