Thursday, April 26, 2012

the button factory's first etsy update

this morning, my dear friend and business partner, bekuh, and i opened our online boutique, the button factory. within 30 minutes, we had sold two dresses, and so far, we've had 5 sales. i'm overwhelmed, to say the least. this dream has in the past kinda sorta almost seemed like a pipe dream to me, and no matter how much planning and work we put into both the online launch and our (hopeful) brick and mortar store, we could not have known how much interest there really would be.

this day has just strengthened my passion and my drive.

as bekuh said in her blog entry, the story behind the button factory, all of the sales made through our etsy store are going towards making the button factory bigger, both in it's online presence, but more importantly, towards a store to sell our goods here in our beloved roanoke valley. this picture is becoming more and more clear to me, as our (fairly secretive) hard work pays off today.


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