Wednesday, April 25, 2012

kendall's baby shower(s)

in 2010, my little sister called me out of blue and told me that she was pregnant. then, a couple of weeks later, she found out that she was having a little girl. i was stoked. like seriously so. excited. we started shopping for and obsessing over everything baby right away. i decided that my number one priority as sister (til i became a real aunt!!!) was to throw her the cutest, most low-key baby showers ever (two for luck, obviously. ...just kidding. two because i'm apparently insane). i used the same invitations, decorations, and theme for both.. they just happened at different locations with different guests, food, and outfits for the guest of honor and i. ;)

since i'm probably not going to make a habit of party-throwing, i thought i'd memorialize my career here with a few pictures from the parties. they were held about a year ago.

 me and my sister/ my sister and my mom

the first shower was at my mama's house. :) at this shower, we had a sweet little cake made, based on the invitations.

the second shower was a little bit bigger. we had it at my grandma's house, and invited all of kendall's friends (some of mine came to help and to love on ken, too!) as well as even MORE family than the shower before.

me, kendall, and dad

for this shower, i did more desserts than finger foods, mostly because there were so many people, but also because we held it at a somewhat strange time of day. the cupcake/donut table was my definite favorite..

i also did a teensy tiny more decorating (i'm using that word VERY loosely) for this one.

i think i made like 150+ feet of those paper chains. we gave them to my dad's girlfriend to give her daughter afterwards; i always forget to ask, but i hope she got some use out of them! i know austin was beyond over seeing those scraps all over our apartment by the end of all of this.
the front table had the favors (candles that i made little cardstock labels for.. most of them matched the invitations [little birdies], but some of them were just doodles), envelopes for everyone to write their names on (for the thank you cards), and a little notebook that i passed around for everyone to write advice to a first time mom in :) kendall uses it now to keep track of things for avery. i love it <3

and, just because i love this picture:
the exact same laugh :)


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