Thursday, April 26, 2012

the prettiest baby i know

now that you've been caught up on the first parties to celebrate little avery's life, i thought i would post a little bit about the sweetest girl and prettiest baby that i know.

born on may 12, 2011, avie is almost a year old! we can't wait to celebrate her first birthday (spoiler alert: i got her some tiny toms.. and her mom some gift cards for diapers and snacks) in a couple of weeks.

she has five teeth now, and it really seems like she likes showing them off.
one of my favorite things that she does is point and whisper (almost all of the actual words that she says are said in whispers) "what's that?" for literally no reason. she'll point at nothing, or at everything. we think it's because when she stays with our grandma once a week, grandma will point at things and tell her what they are. including telling her every person in every picture on her fridge. i love that.
her giggle is hysterical. it's really deep and throaty.


she's tiny!! she's almost a year old, but she's wearing 9 month clothes, and still can't fit into her size 2 shoes. which is alright, because it means she can still wear some of my favorite outfits, including:

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i never thought i'd love a baby as much as this. i bought her this book from the 70s at a library sale called "my aunt and i: the best of friends," and i gotta say, i hope it comes true for us. <3

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