Monday, April 9, 2012

first post!

hi everyone! my name is katie, and this is my first post in my new blog. i'm really, really excited (and really, really nervous) about doing this. i blogged from middle school until halfway through college on livejournal, and wish that i had never stopped. i have a TON of exciting and big, scary things happening in my life right now that i want to keep track of, and i'm hoping that blogging will be the perfect outlet.

i'm a twenty-something living in a small city in southern virginia with my sweet boyfriend, austin. i am a part-owner of the button factory, a soon-to-open (april 26th!!!) online vintage clothing boutique, with my friend, bekuh. i hope to use this space to share our dreams and to be able to look back on them (hopefully!) coming true. :)

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i can start learning blogging html, miraculously start taking more than one picture every time i go out of town, and learn how to write again (it's been a long time since college)! i want this to be something big for me. <3

ps. my 'i' key is broken so excuse any lack of i's ;)

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