Saturday, April 21, 2012

i went to nashville, part 3

even though third man records was the obvious outlier in terms of things we did in nashville, we did so many other awesome things!! a few were even awesome enough to mention. :)

hatch show print
this letterpress shop has been running since 1879, and the interior was incredible. we couldn't help ourselves and bought 4 posters from them! i took a few pictures, because i was in awe of the walls and also of their letterpress blocks.. there seemed to be millions!

in this one, i spotted a poster at the top for a show at the salem civic center! i got pretty geeky excited, because we lived in salem for a time (it's about twenty minutes down the road from our current home)

las paletas
i was SO. EXCITED. about these popsicles. unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures... whoops. but i got the avocado, and austin got the pineapple blueberry. thumbs up from both of us! we enjoyed them while walking through the park across the street.

rare bird antique mall
i was told beforehand that even though this was a little bit of a drive compared to everything else we visited while in town, it was worth it. that was so true!! i was OBSESSED. we actually showed up on a day that they were planning on closing early ( :( ), so we didn't even get to see half of the place. i bought a little pin, because i wanted something.. but this is one place i definitely absolutely for sure will be visiting again.

the day after all of this, we left nashville. but we took a long route home, stopping in knoxville and gatlinburg (no dolly parton sightings, unfortunately). i'll write about those detours later. <3

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