Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunny sundays

today was the first day since nashville that austin and i have had off together. so we had big plans: laundry. all day. like 5 loads. thankfully, those plans were postponed (for a couple of hours) so that we could stop by an estate sale. i mostly like estate sales because i think i'm kind of a creep?, but also because they're awesome places to shop a little for the store/my life. i ended up with a lot of adorable vintage kids' clothes, a handbag, some pretty books, a pink/white striped crocheted blanket, and an embroidered wall hanging. austin was the clear winner today, because he found a working/perfect record player for $8.

i use days off to dress up a little bit more than i can do for work, too, so i thought today would be a good day to start outfit pictures!! austin took these, and i think it's really obvious how new we both are to the concept of outfit pictures. ;) here's to hoping we get better as time goes on!

throughout the day, i was told what a good "church-going" outfit this was, as well as that i was reminiscent of "1970s dolly parton." neither of those compliments(?) wholly resonate to me (in regards to this outfit..), but i'll take em both.

sunglasses: uo
necklace: CM via local honey
top: target
cardigan: american eagle
belt: american eagle (similar)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: crochet toms

tonight, i'm planning on going to visit my grandma while austin has band practice. then i'm hoping we'll meet back up here for a little ice cream date before bed. :)

hope you had a good weekend. <3

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