Sunday, October 7, 2012

guess i'll go to sleep

man, i'm tired. this week has been never ending, it seems. i did start my new job, but my work schedule went like this: sunday at my new job, monday and tuesday at my old job, wednesday through now at my new job. thankfully, i'll actually get two days off this week, but they could. not. come. sooner. to be honest, i'm glad to finally be in my forever job (please don't tell me that i just jinxed myself), because everything changing all of the time is THE WORST. but everyone knows that american eagle has always been my kind of retail home. ae cult status. so i'm stoked on life. obviously. just a sleepy, burnt out girl.

on top of that: last monday night, when austin and i were out to celebrate our anniversary, someone hit my car. womp. i still haven't even gotten to handle it fully with my insurance company, and my little dented door is so sad, but thankfully we were fine and everything is fine. just stressful, you know? i don't handle things like that well (i'm kinda the worst at dealing with STUFF), so i'm glad austin was there to chill me out. it wasn't even a big deal!

also this past week, kendall and her little family adopted a puppy! i'm mostly excited to puppy-sit, so that austin and i can get some practice in. since we're moving soon.. and that (hopefully) means puppy time!! ah! i even have baby/puppy pictures to share.. one day.

so halloween is coming up, and there are a few things i'm pretty serious about getting done beforehand:
- coming up with costumes that beat last years (we were wayne and garth from wayne's world - something that i've wanted to do for as long as i can remember, so this may be impossible)
- the corn maze! we go to the same one every year, and it's perfect and pretty and fun and i love it. unfortunately, i have no idea when i'm going to have a day off with austin, so this actually might not happen :( :(:(
- going to see frankenweenie! i don't even really like tim burton, but i love frankenstein everything, and it just looks so cute. eep.

i promise i'll be around this week. we didn't have the internet last week, and things will be a little bit calmer. :) <3

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