Friday, October 19, 2012

late night rambles

super into all of the new accessories at work (ae) right now
lately, i've spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of person that i am or that i want to be, and what parts of my life i want to put emphasis on. i am finally back working in the one retail job i've felt at home in, and now i want the rest of my life to make sense for me, too. in a lot of ways, i think i've really been coming into my own in the last few years, but i never want to stop pushing myself to be better, happier, and more comfortable in my own skin. this may be coming about solely because of the change in seasons, but i think i can feel a big change in my whole life. cheesy!

so, although these days i'm happy with the majority of my life, i've really, really felt like i've been failing in a couple of ways: in my friendships, and in my reading (i know).

i've been trying to fix my lack of communication with my friends, whether it be a 30 minute skype before work with becca, a sweet little craft date with amanda, and hopefully soon plans with kayla, i'm really trying! i want to spend more time with friends, and less of my free time watching tv (which is really hard with EVERY SINGLE SHOW I WATCH coming back on! ah!) or doing the dishes (sometimes i feel like all i do while i'm at home is wash dishes? although austin would disagree, haha). i just really miss my girls, y'all. so i'm hoping i'm on the right path to remedying the damage i accidentally did while transitioning jobs and being lazy bones!

would you believe that i'm STILL reading "geek love" ????? remember this post? i was (and still am) SO excited about those books. i just.. stopped reading. for no reason. i'm hoping to change that tonight, right after i finish this post. i'm not going to pressure myself into finishing in a certain time frame or whatever, but geez. i can't believe i let myself slip so much. it's annoying and embarrassing and i miss reading so much!

i can't wait to make more time for these two things (because they're two of my faaaavorite things). does the fall ever have you thinking about changes you want to make? <3


  1. I am definitely still trying to make changes work wise (happy at my job for now but it's not enough hours) but what you said about reading really resonated with me. I have always adored reading but I spend too much time online or watching tv now and my huge pile of books to read gets neglected. Must remedy that :)

  2. I've been thinking about change a lot lately. I'm still trying to figure out what it all means, but hopefully I'll figure it out soon.