Tuesday, October 16, 2012

how is it already the middle of october

i've never been one of those people who feel like time is flying by, but geez. time is really flying by. i can't believe that it's the middle of october, i can't believe that our year lease on this house is almost up, i can't believe that i've been at my new job for two weeks, i can't believe how much and how quickly things are changing!

this past weekend, austin and i went to see frankenweenie! which we loved, and i'm already excited for it to come out on dvd. i did a little more home idea gathering.. i can't wait to come up with a whole new feel for our place. i probably think a little bit too much about that, considering we haven't found our new place, or started packing, or anything. i finally got to take my car in for an estimate of its damages from the anniversary wreck i was in. :( the lady at the front desk recognized me, because this is the second not-my-fault wreck that i've been involved in this year! ugh. a cute thing did happen, though. one of the male employees complimented my pattern mixing!

this is basically me telling you that this leopard print belt is the best thing i've bought in a long time.
it was pretty nice to be validated on my outfit by a man my dad's age. generally speaking, my day off outfits tend to be a little out there.

necklace: cm via local honey
tshirt: vintage cub scouts, found by austin (my favorite tshirt of all time)
cardigan: wet seal
belt: target
pants: pacsun
shoes: steve madden

besides having to take my car in, all i did today was shop and lounge around. austin and i had dinner with his parents, and i've been watching gossip girl for the last couple of hours. days off are awesome.

later this week, we get to visit the corn maze (maybe my manager reads my blog and gave me a day off because she felt bad that i didn't think we'd be able to go). ;) and i have a feeling that it's going to seem like the time from now til then flies by. i think i need to get better at both cherishing it and documenting it. this time of year always makes me feel like that, and i kinda love it. <3


  1. Definitely a fan of those pants! I've seen them in a ton of different magazines for fall :)

  2. i LOVE this - the little troop shirt you are wearing underneath is so cute. and that sucks to be in two accidents - i'm sorry! hopefully that stops happening

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. Just so glad you finally have that little leopard belt, girl.