Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

trick r treat
halloween is my favorite holiday. it's austin's, too! unfortunately this year, celebrations were just not in order. i closed at work saturday night and i close again tonight, so i'm probably just going to end up wearing a little hat with ears and calling it a day. for today, i thought i'd share my faaaavorite halloween that austin and i have spent together, ever.

first of all, my costume requires very little explaining, but austin's requires a lot. so, i was the morton salt girl:

i literally owned every item for this costume, except for the umbrella that i borrowed from a friend, and the salt canister which i bought, emptied, and used as a purse for the night. this picture was taken when we were meeting up with austin at his work, a local coffee shop, to see his costume and do some homework (which is why i had the bag).

now, my best friend at the time (who i miss soooooo much. so much.), jeff, is this real cool guy who dresses straight out of the 1940s. it's perfect and awesome and i love it. so for halloween, we all thought it would be so cute if jeff and austin dressed up as each other.

that's jeff on the left dressed as austin and austin on the right dressed as jeff. oh man. it was a confusing night for me, to be honest.

jeff served me some coffee.

austin didn't look like himself.

is it weird to say that they smelled like each other? i mean obviously they did, but i also think it's weird to say that. i don't know. either way, it was a confusing night and i didn't end up liking them dressing like each other very much beyond the initial hilariousity of the whole thing. seeing jeff in "normal" clothes was so perfect! we bet him he'd get a million numbers. ;) ;) i can't remember if he did or not, though..

and just because last year's costume was a DREAM. COME. TRUE., i'll share one of the two pictures that was taken of us ( :/ ):

i've been obsessed with wayne's world for as long as i can remember. and i've wanted to do this costume for probably just as long. i'm hoping to resurrect and upgrade it one day, because i know we can do better than this. and we already own the hat! :)

what are you dressing up as this year, so i can live vicariously through you?! <3


  1. Your costume was so cute and creative; I've never seen anyone else be her!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  2. what a great idea!!! i love this.