Monday, October 8, 2012

this cute boy/house situation

austin dressed up for our anniversary dinner, so naturally i made him take a couple of awkward self timer pictures in our super dark house post-dinner. i had to! he looked so handsome.

we're about to move out of this little house, and we don't have many pictures of it or of us from this year, for that matter. earlier this year, when our roommate moved out, i was kinda nervous.. we had been living together, but sam was kind of a nice buffer in case anything got real intense. but really, sam moving out was awesome for the two of us! yeah! we've been able to create a cohesive living together schedule, we've only gotten way closer, and we've learned so much more about each other. and all of that happened here, so this house will always hold an extra special spot in my heart. sometimes i wish we could stay. :(

...but i really just need a puppy. ;)

i'm only a little bummed about my weird tight-lipped smile! i promise i was the happiest girl. :) <3


  1. Y'all look so precious. Ps. Will you take my couch to put in your new place ? I want someone to love it~

  2. Please stop being so perfect you make me feel bad about myself.

  3. wow you guys are a FREAKEN cute couple.