Thursday, October 25, 2012

i'm obsessed with this

do you ever randomly re-stumble upon an artist on etsy (or anything, for that matter) and have them TOTALLY resonate? lately, i've been obsessing over julia pott. i like everything so much that i can't decide what to order! i thought i'd share a few of her pieces here.. it's been a long time since i've shared one of my etsy obsessions.

here with me

you made me a mix tape
walter (this one is my favorite)
hello i love you
cut it out
i want to jump your bones
why won't you love me (this was actually the first julia pott piece i ever saw - on tumblr. aw)
who are your etsy favorites right now? which of julia's pieces should i snag? ;) <3


  1. I think you should get Walter!

  2. haha! Those are awesome! I love the bear one. It's So sweet and simple.