Thursday, May 31, 2012


the southern humidity-filled heat has finally hit here at home. i found myself complaining in a pretty serious way to austin on a drive to his parents' house. i really cannot describe how much i hate hot weather. thank goodness for my new short hair, though, right? eep.

currently, things are calming down and looking up. :)
(again, inspired by danielle of sometimes sweet) - currently, i'm

planning: a sweet little skype date with my best friend in chicago, becca! this was a perk that came with my mac that i had totally and completely forgotten about. she only just left town, but i get so used to her being here that it never gets any easier when she has to go back.

attempting: a more serious way of writing. one of my little treats to myself from my trip to charlottesville was a pack of three pretty little rifle paper co. journals. when i was in college, i was writing pages upon pages of essays, journal entries, and opinion pieces, and i miss that. i don't think i'll ever share many of these little bits of writing, but i'm glad that i have a pretty place for them now. :)

supporting: my friends at sewn together records are putting together an album of local bands covering local bands. having been attending shows since the age of 12 (TWELVE?! that will only get weirder to think about, won't it?), i couldn't be more excited to own such a cute and meaningful chunk of history. however, in order to do this, they need to raise the money.. so they started a kickstarter to do it. take a look, and listen to the trailer - maybe consider a donation! all of the music they collected for it rules.

dreaming: of buying my sweet niece a dollhouse! i know it's pretty early to be thinking about it, but i figure with all of the options, i need all the time i can get to choose one. i love the idea of something like this, but something bigger would probably work better for a longer period of time. we'll see! she's only one, haha.

saving my money for: a new comforter! maybe this one (it's almost never in stock when i actually have the money for it) ? our roommate, sam, is gearing up to move out in a week or so, and it's making me want to redecorate every square inch of our apartment (not that it's exactly decorated to begin with..).

so now, i'm sitting on the couch, eating baked beans, watching gossip girl, and catching up on the internet. i'm a happy girl. <3

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