Wednesday, May 30, 2012

favorite unnecessary thrift finds

sometimes, being a serial thrifter isn't so great. i find things that I HAVE TO HAVE OMG but really don't need. luckily, i usually have someone with me (austin or becca, generally) who can give me a clear idea of whether one should outweigh the other.

enter these p e r f e c t books.

so, they're clearly for children (the spines all say "the bookshelf for boys & girls"), but they're GORGEOUS. i could have taken pictures of every single cover and every single page, but i limited myself.

the covers are sort of odd.. they're SO simplistic, and most of the drawings make little to no sense in the context of the books. they're beautiful, though, and colorful, and i would probably happily display every single one of them as art, if austin wouldn't think i was an insane person.

my favorite book is "things to make and do."

the cover is perfectly indicative of the wide variety of subjects covered within the book
there are chapters on making paper flowers, creating a puppet theater (including the puppets and the scripts), photography, sewing, making fabric badges, dancing, cooking, and the list goes on and on and on. the table of contents for this one is like 4 pages long.

needless to say, this is one of the i ACTUALLY have to have this finds, and i ended up bringing it home. austin agreed that all of the books together were magical. and while i can sometimes sucker myself into buying vintage children's books by promising i'm collecting them for avery, i'm planning on keeping these to myself (just in case...).

do you ever find things that you honestly cannot make a decision about while thrifting? <3


  1. YES! I would have bought those books too. Also, I buy way too many unnecessary things thrifting. It's easy to do :)

  2. sometimes there is nothing better than coming home with a bunch of unnecessary thrift store finds. ;) love those colorful books! xo


  3. I absolutely LOVE those books!!!!