Monday, May 28, 2012

so.. i did it

sorry for the super goofy close-up, but look! half of my hair is gone! my hair appointment was last thursday, and i honestly did not think that i'd have the guts. i showed my hairdresser the same picture that i posted here and she freaked out (in a good way), which i think gave me the confidence that i needed. so, here it is. my short and sweet summer cut (unless i decide to keep it longer!).

today was my day off, and austin and i did what has become our sundays off ritual: estate sales! we also cooked a yummy dinner, and now he's with his brother while i blog/watch gossip girl/eavesdrop on the fireworks outside. ;)

i'm pretty open about how much i dislike getting dressed for the summer weather, because layering is my thing. outfits like this just usually feel so boring that i over-accessorize, or spend 2 hours changing a million times (and ending up in cut-offs and a tshirt..). thankfully, i was in a rush this morning and couldn't do that, because now i really like the simplicity in this outfit.

top: jason wu for target (yep. i was one of THOSE girls that sunday morning..)
skirt: many belles down via modcloth
wedges: urban outfitters (not online anymore, but they were $19.99 in store!)
sunglasses: leopard print via journeys
purse: fossil

i LOVE the flatforms as much as everyone said that i would.. now i have my heart set on this pair.

days off are so relaxing, i'm off to read one of the new books on my kindle (aimee bender's "the particular sadness of lemon cake," in case you were curious). have a good week! <3


  1. You are cute as can be! Love your style! Stumbled across your blog from My Girl Thursday :)

    xo Shane