Friday, May 4, 2012

little wish list of sorts

right now, i'm dealing with a few money issues (who isn't?), but that'll never stop me from online shopping/stalking pretty dresses. i thought i could start sharing them here, sort of in hopes that someone else will buy them so i won't have to see them anymore, and sort of in hopes that someone will buy them for me. ;)

memento mori cuff, of a kind
have you ever heard of of a kind? i found out about it when i was frequenting tumblr, and i've been obsessed ever since. i usually only admire the pieces, but there have been a few that i've really, really wanted to buy! this is one of them.

1970s maxi dress

i've been obsessed with maxi dresses, since i took a chance on the red velvet weekender dress (which i wear weekly.. sometimes twice a week). lately, i tend to search more for vintage maxi dresses on etsy than i do sundresses, which used to be my old standby.

red and white polka dot dress
 apparently now i'm also really into red, which is a new thing.

book scarf
i've been obsessed with these book scarves for awhile now (and i'll probably end up buying one at some point), so i couldn't help but sharing them, too. the words would look so pretty with almost any other pattern, and who can have enough black and white accessories? :)

have a good weekend! <3

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