Sunday, May 27, 2012

i get by with a little help from my friends

the past week has been really, really hard on me. i've been incredibly stressed out over some fairly important things, and, to make things worse, i'm not entirely sure of the best way to handle them.

three notable things have been helping me through this little blip of unhappiness:

can you tell this is actually a picture from last summer? whoops.
my best friend becca is in town from chicago. and last week, we took a spontaneous road trip to charlottesville. we're known for our quick (usually a few hours, tops) trips out of town, and this one was similar to the rest: a little bit of shopping, huge slices of pizza, and getting lost.. even with two gps's.

i'm consistently broke, but i treated myself to a couple of little trinkets. good for the soul, you understand. ;)

aziz is bored
last night, austin (finally) bought the online aziz ansari stand-up, dangerously delicious. i actually generally hate stand-up (with the exception of mitch hedberg), BUT i honestly do not think that i have ever laughed that hard, for that long, in my entire life. i highly recommend it.. $5 is nothing compared to the quality of the entertainment. ;) i had to hide my phone to keep from live-tweeting my viewing, haha! i just wanted to share the jokes with eeeeeveryone.

another old picture (obviously). i have no shame.
another sweet girl in my life took me out for ice cream this week. kayla and i hadn't seen each other in weeks, and she just graduated college and is about to become a police officer (whaaaat!), so i want all of the time with her that i can get. we walked from my house to a cute-as-can-be ice cream parlor down the street, and chatted away while dripping ice cream all over our hands. it was so nice to see her, she's one of my favorite confidants.

i work roughly 60 hours a week, and get very (very!) little time with my friends. seeing two of them in one week was almost indulgent. :) they really helped me in my sorta serious time of need. <3

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