Wednesday, May 16, 2012

things i can't stop thinking about

quick update: i'm still not really sure how to use my computer!! all of my questions seem like really, really silly ones, so i haven't even worked up the courage to ask my mac-owning friends yet. :) while i'm getting these kinks worked out, i'm sure my posting will be really silly and short and sweet.

right now, i want to focus on some things that i can't stop thinking about lately.

thing 1 that i can't stop thinking about lately: getting my hair cut!! my next hair appointment is a week from tomorrow (eep!) and i'm pretty sure that i will be showing my hairdresser this picture:
i saw it on modcloth's tumblr back in february, and i haven't stopped thinking about it since. the heat is really getting to me lately, and working in retail, my hair mostly does nothing but get in the way. i can't wait to see what happens next thursday (ie, whether i chicken out or not..)!!

thing 2 that i can't stop thinking about lately: flatforms. bekuh has been wearing her new pair so often, and i'm super jealous. we're both tiny little girls who date (/are married to) big tall guys, and i miss when i worked in an office and could get away with sky-high heels and wedges. flatforms seem like the perfect marriage of wearability/functionality and height :)

i'm leaning towards the most affordable/highly recommended pair that i've come across right now:
blowfish gypsy shoe

but these are a CLOSE second (in that i almost feel like i may change my mind and spend the extra $100+ on them).

either way, i will own flatforms SOON. :)

thing 3 i can't stop thinking about lately: laura jane grace. i sort of saved the most important for last. i don't know how many people have heard about this, but one of my favorite musicians has recently come out as being transgender. tom gabel, of against me!, will now be living her life as laura grace.

found in this month's issue of rolling stone magazine

this story has brought me to happy tears many times already, and i don't think it's stopping anytime soon. i have no personal understanding of what tom was feeling, but i do know what it's like to wake up in the morning and feel 100% uncomfortable and inhibited in the body given to you. what laura has done is courageous and inspiring. there are so many aspects of the story that i love (LOOOVE), and i highly recommend tracking down the issue of rolling stone and reading the article yourself. :) i have seen against me! before, and would love to see them again with their new, badass female lead.

i hope everything is well. <3

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