Tuesday, September 18, 2012

distributing gifts

one of my first stops when i got home from renegade was to visit my sister and avery, so that i could give them their gifts from chicago. it'd been too long since i had seen them last, and since avery seems to somehow grow up way too much in between every single time i see her, i've been trying to make them more of a priority.

kendall and i have been having trouble finding little cardigans for avery now that the weather is cooling down, so when i saw this one at h&m, i had to snatch it up. she put it on as soon as i got over there (over nothing but her diaper) and it was SO. cute. it'll look good over everything this fall/winter. :)

the scarf that avery is wearing in the picture is the gift i brought kendall back from renegade. i found it at the little minnow booth, and kinda wish i had picked one up for myself, too. luckily they both loved their little presents.. especially avie, who wore them around until her bath.

this baby is hysterical. she's a serious snacker. she hardly ever agrees to eating meals, but she'll snack all day long. this day, she did such a good job sitting and eating messy doritos while kendall and i caught up.

dorito face.