Thursday, September 6, 2012

in my dream suitcase

i've been struggling with what to pack for chicago, because i don't know about weather (although becca has been super helpful) and i hate comfortable shoes. since renegade obviously requires those.. i've been dreaming a little bit. these are outfits that i wish i was packing.


i've shared thief & bandit on the blog before, and i love this dress. it's a little short, so i'd pair it with leggings. everyone says this, but it's totally true: if you aren't buying $5 leggings from forever 21, you're probably paying too much for your leggings. haha, i love theirs. this necklace has been in my etsy favorites for a loooong time - i need to just snatch it up. and frye boots. i have a pair - a friend of mine from school gave me her great grandma's (they're over 100 years old!!!!), but i get nervous to wear them and they need to be resoled. i may ask for this pair for christmas, or start saving up. because they rule.

my doc martens are the comfiest shoes that i own, and i've been obsessing over this skirt for months. gnome enterprises is actually going to be at renegade, so i might come home with this little bunny tshirt (and a matching one for avery?!). also i hear it might be tights weather in chicago. ;)

i have been super into graphic tshirts lately, which is weird.. but i really love this one (it says "don't cry, it's rock & roll" haha). i need to pick up a solid color, flowy midi skirt for the fall (i have my heart set on this one, which will be available from hello holiday when they launch). andddd i'm pretty sure that i've linked to this dinosaur toes necklace before. still obsessed. these button factory shoes are too big for me, or else they may have found a temporary home. :(

even if none of these pretty things are coming to chicago with me, i'm just so excited for this little trip. for time with bekuh and becca, for exploring renegade for the first time, and just to relax far, far away from the stress of trying to become a responsible adult. haha.



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  2. Can I just tell you how much I love that first dress and that mustard-colored skirt? Almost as much as your blog! I saw your tidbit on Allie's blog (I have mine on that post, too) and your blurb about wanting to go to the WWoHP is what brought me here :)

    I'm now following your blog and I'm stoked to browse through it now and see your new posts! If you've got a few minutes to spare, feel free to check out mine at neha made :D

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. It's totally tights weather in Chicago!!! Last time I checked, the high for Saturday is 72! Last year, if I remember correctly, it was in the upper 80s... I'm definitely looking forward to wearing layers this year.

    Also, I'd still love to meet up if you have the time! I'll be attending with friends, but I know you have group situation anxiety (I do too!) so I wouldn't want to force that on you :) But maybe we can still grab coffee or walk around a few booths together...?

  4. I hope you both have a great time at Renegade, I've always wanted to go!