Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lunch with kayla

in what seems like a new tradition, kayla and i went to a locally owned business for lunch this week. this time we tried roanoke's first food truck! (aw)

we both got the lunch special: half of a chicken quesadilla and half of a nutella/strawberry crepes. nom nom.

i really love these little dates that we take. i rarely go out to eat these days, and it's fun to try new places with kayla. we got to eat in the middle of downtown and people watch, chat in the sunshine, and ... eat nutella crepes. hello.

and don't forget about the part where kayla has the cutest stinking kitten in the world. aka, i come SO CLOSE TO TOUCHING HIM EVERY TIME EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT WILL MURDER MY EYEBALLS AND MY LITTLE NOSE. but seriously look at him:

it actually took everything that i had to not snatch him up. stupid allergies. i'm not even a cat person at all!! but chipper kills me every time.

in summation: kayla rules, trying new food is really cute, i don't like cats but i love chipper. <3


  1. Chipper looks so cute! Nutella crepes... yum. My favourite is Nutella with marshmallows :)

  2. Nutella is addictive!

    Chipper looks like a sweetie :)