Sunday, September 30, 2012

my pop

this time of year is sometimes pretty rough for my family. i try pretty hard not to pay attention to the dates, but i think i just usually feel it in my bones. i used to skip class, take the day off of work, bury myself in blankets, and sleep it off. but today, i'm starting a new job, and tomorrow, i'm celebrating an anniversary. i think he'd want me to focus on those things, rather than hide from life.

death is something that didn't touch my life until my pop passed away, and it hit us all HARD. it still does.

that's me with the laugh and the bowl cut, my cousin whitney with the huge collar, and my pop looking awesome
i was pop's first grandkid, and i like to think that we had a special bond, even though i know all of his grandkids feel the same way. ;) but he was my #1 guy. my first tattoo (and the one that i told everyone was going to be my ONLY tattoo.. hahaaa) is for him. i think he'd be cool with it, probably. maybe. sometimes i get really, really unbearably sad that austin and avery will never get to meet him. fortunately, i think kendall and i have stories for months about how awesome he was. <3

some old pictures of him were uploaded recently, and i wanted to share them. mostly out of selfishness, but also because they're so cute! i'm thinking if austin's down with it, i might get an old picture of my grandparents blown up and printed poster size like this - they're so adorable! i had a bunch of the two of them saved on my old laptop, but since it died, i'm not sure when they'll see the light of day again, unfortunately. til then, i'll just hold on to these really tight:

grandma's cuffed jeans and visible socks remind me a lot of my current style preferences ;)
man, i miss him. <3

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