Sunday, September 16, 2012

whoopsy daisy

the little canoe was basically our favorite shop at renegade.

uhmmm, i totally spaced and avoided my blog for a long, long time. sorry, dudes. didn't mean to!

to catch you up to speed:
- work has been crazy, which i guess is okay since i took four days off of it to shop in chicago.
- i'm still dealing with residual kitty allergies (or i'm just getting sick, but. i can't be getting sick!), and i wake up with itchy, swollen eyes every morning.
- lots of changes are coming my way pretty soon, which is super exciting and i can't wait to share!
- austin and i have been framing all of the pretty prints and using all of the pretty tea towels i picked up at renegade.
- all of my recent outfits have been -on point- (if i do say so myself..) because it's fall in virginia and i can finally break out my tights and sweaters!!!!
- austin and i have been spending a lot of time watching supernatural and workaholics. it's a pretty good mix.

i'll write about chicago (i promise) and some stuff i've been up to this week, but check out these cool things til then:
- this article about an early love of barack obama's was super interesting.
- well, i'm officially obsessed with kilim pillows (and this blog makes me want to be better at making my house pretty).
- i really want to make these daisy tights like, tomorrow.
- i've been suuuper sentimental lately (mine and austin's 3 year anniversary is in two weeks!), and this first date story killed me.
this diy rules and as soon as i can figure out a word i really like, it will be on the list for our new place.. whenever/wherever that happens.
- austin and i are obsessed with halloween decorations, and i can't wait to find a spare couple of hours to sit down and make these.
- avery is getting to the point where i'm ready to start making her awesome stuff like this bookcase dollhouse.

see you guys soon. promise! <3

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