Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sweater swednesday

in the interest of full disclosure, i should let you know that it was actually way too hot for me to be wearing this sweater on this day. WAY too hot. but i was so excited! i've been layering like crazy for the past couple of days, and this sweater has just been WAITING to be worn, and i jumped the gun today.

but it was too hot.

but i made it work, kind of. either way i was super excited to be wearing it! even if my bangs got sweat-greasy. you know that kind of greasy bangs. :(

sweater: vintage
necklace: cm via local honey
tank top: c/o bentley via austin (you know, my band tee source for life)
jeans: bullhead
shoes: converse

you would think my excitement over this season finally being here would dissipate at least a little, but i think i'm only getting crazier about it? i keep hearing that this is going to be a "BAD winter" and you know what that means: lots and lots and lots of snow. i couldn't be more excited. more clothes in every outfit! snow! this sweater! being outside for more than five seconds!

life rules. :) <3


  1. UGH sweat-greasy bangs are seriously the worst. But that sweater is SO GOOD... I love the green detailing. Totally worth sweasy bangs.

  2. Why are you so perfect, why