Monday, September 24, 2012



i've been really busy and things have been really exciting lately. i was at my grandma's house last week, and our conversation kept getting interrupted by my texting (i'm sorry, grandma!), but i couldn't stop because i noticed that, while i was texting, almost EVERY SINGLE ONE was about how excited i am - for changes in my life, in my friends' lives, whatever! all kinds of things are happening all over the place and i couldn't be more proud of my friends or more excited :) for my/their future.

last week, austin and i spent a lot of time looking at halloween decorations and deciding what direction to go in with our decorating. one thing that i've kind of noticed (and that i think is austin's ulterior motive) is that every year, we buy halloween decorations and then we end up leaving them out year-round. see: eyeball lights in our kitchen, eyeball lights in our bathroom, giant jack o lantern pillow in the record room, ghost pillow in the living room. i think that i'm actually alright with this little plan of his, but it makes me want to be a little bit pickier buying them in the future. ;) i think this is next on my list!

also last week, i FINALLY got to get my hair cut! i had to cancel my appointment due to a double shift, and then chicago, and then work every day, but fiiinaaallly i got to make time for it. i was super extra excited because my hairdresser's new salon opened up. i tell everyone this, but she is such a huge inspiration to me. every time i see her and talk to her, i'm refreshed and feel a lot better about everything going on in my life. she's just super encouraging.

recently, i started a really dramatic post about relationships and growing up and people and stuff like that that was entirely spurred over seeing an exboyfriend at work. it was uncomfortable and gave me the icks for like three straight days. this is maybe the only by-product of living in this town that bugs me. sometimes people are out of your life for a reason, you know? wah.

next week, i'm starting my new job (it's kind of where i'm meant to be) and i get to bring some of my favorite current employees with me! one of them grabbed me another of our favorite keychains (this one's a bagel!!) and, combined with the deathly hallows keychain that austin's mom brought me back from harry potter world, my keys are getting a little outrageous. i maybe need a different way to display these little guys.

i just caught up on the two first episodes of "parenthood" from the new season and seriously all i want to do is talk about how much i love that show. i love mae whitman's character the most of all, but really every single thing on the show is perfection. ugh. i wish becca lived closer so that we could watch it together and i didn't have to cry alone every episode like a freak. ;)

this really is my favorite time of every year, and it just seems to keep getting better. in case you forgot, i'm seeing jack white this week, and i have two days off in a row to get re-acquainted with the internet. :) how are you guys? anything super exciting and new?! <3


  1. If you ever want to chat Parenthood, let me know. Honestly, I can't get enough of that show! My friends and I watch on Wednesday nights together with wine & a box of tissues.
    Can't wait to hear about your new job! And that post about relationships if you decide to publish it

  2. I love Parenthood, so happy it's back at last. Amber is my favourite too :) Glad everything is going well for you, hope you have a lovely week. Also, I really must get my hair cut. I love getting it done, and it's been...eek...well over a year!

  3. I LOVE the happy excitement in this.

    and let's see your hair cut!

  4. yes i want to see the hair cut too!!! good luck with the new job friend!

  5. yay, how exciting! a new haircut makes every day better. I can't wait to see pictures! :)