Saturday, September 8, 2012

i hit the jackpot, y'all

i'm missing this guy something fierce. going on girls' trips is obviously good for the soul, but austin's my best friend, and being without him for even four days is rough. i don't have one of those never-been-apart-in-our-3-years stories, because we've both left town without the other several times (i actually went to georgia for a week two weeks into our relationship!), but it doesn't make this any sadder.

i put together a tiny little collection of cell phone pictures displaying some of the reasons i. love. this. guy.

- fast food dates with him are always my favorite. we do these a lot less now (thankfully), but they're always so sweet and fun.

- he bought me this birdy one night a year or so ago when we had to stop by walmart and i fell in love with it. when you squeeze it, it makes the most ridiculous squeak. also it's constantly side-eyeing us, which is obviously hilarious. ;)

- one day this week i came home, and he had FILLED my iced coffee pitcher. it's never been filled - i'm always too lazy, so i only ever put one pot of coffee in there! but he filled it and i'm gonna have iced coffee all week! eeeeeeeee!

- waking up to a little note asking me to treat myself on his dime is probably the most adorable, least expected thing (especially since my obsession with these keychains is.. not his favorite thing, haha). he's such a sweet little selfless angel, i don't even know.

austin, i love you. i can't wait to see you monday night! <3<3<3<3 (extra hearts cause i extra love him)


  1. That is so adorable! You definitely have a keeper there :) I always miss my bf when we're apart no matter how long it's for!

  2. mmm, ice coffee... boyfriends are so nice :) x

  3. He sounds like a total sweetie!

  4. I feel you. even 2 minutes away fro my guy is pretty hard and I hate when it happens :(

  5. um wait. does he have a brother? sounds like a dream. lucky girl (and lucky austin )