Thursday, September 27, 2012

trip to the science museum

our downtown science museum is one of my favorite places in the whole world. it's not crazy or anything, but it's perfectly sized for a day trip and exploring when you just want to. unfortunately, it's been under construction for a loooong time (and will be under construction until next summer), and the new home of the science museum is kind of a let down.. but we decided it'd still be a fun thing to watch avery experience, and it was.. sort of.

there were like three things that she liked, and she was totally uninterested in the things that we thought she was going to lose her mind over. i guess toddlers are just like that.

i do know one thing, though - a baby drum set is definitely in avery's future. one that we'll leave at her pop's house. ;)

so, that's my sister.
also a giant mouth that we. were. all. about. and avery was its #1 hater.

pretty sure she just loved that we were letting her do whatever she wanted with a computer. but this one read her whatever she typed!!!! ...magic. ;)

i feel bad that i'm being kinda rude, because it was all adorable to see through avery's eyes which was our original point, and the new museum sounds awesome, so i can't wait to take her there.. but this was just kinda silly. the most interesting part for kendall and i was talking to the employee about tarantulas.. because there were two just HANGING OUT at the front desk. ugh, geez, not my favorite thing.

after this, we both got maximum cuddles from avery and ate fast food for lunch and watched some spongebob. it was cute. i love days with these two. <3

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