Wednesday, September 19, 2012

if i had an instagram..

i know, all i ever talk about is how my phone is too old for instagram. one day i'll get an iphone (i'm up for an upgrade, i just HATE cell phone stores and i'm lazy and i'm putting it off in a serious way.. especially now that they announced the 5), but until then.. i'll snap pictures solely to share on the blog.

when i got home from chicago, our jack white tickets were waiting for me!! it's officially less than ten days away and i can't wait. i'm SO EXCITED AH. i think i bring it up like 5 times a day to every person i speak to. what am i going to do when it's over?! haha.

one of my favorite employees (i know, i know.. no favoritism. but i can't help it!) had a birthday this past weekend, and i couldn't help but grab one of our favorite keychains for her. i made a little bow quickly out of random scraps of paper, and it was a sweet little present. :) it ended up being the hot cocoa, which was one that she had wanted from the start. so exciting.

austin and i joke sometimes that if something makes us laugh, we immediately buy it.. and this coffee cup was one of those. it's hilarious! "one day closer to retirement" hahahaa. i've been carrying it in place of my starbucks cup, and it cracks me up every morning.

well, that's all. until next time.. <3


  1. Ha! I am like you, my phone is so old, they don't even make it anymore but I HATE dealing with the sales people. My phone keeps turning off so I think it is probably time for a new one. And goodness, have a blast at the Jack White concert!