Monday, December 3, 2012

radvent, day 3

radvent, day 3: compilation

when i was in college, i would spend hours with my friends searching the internet for new bands to listen to. there were times that our download speed would far surpass our listening abilities, and we'd be backed up with new music for weeks. in high school, all of the guys i hung out with would basically curate my music taste for me - with their own music or with mix cds. nowadays, i joke that my taste in music is "jack white and taylor swift." but, it isn't much of a joke - i listen to jack white and taylor swift pretty much all of the time. i don't even put my ipod on shuffle anymore. this weird stage in my grown up life reminds me of my mom, who listened solely to rod stewart when i was younger.

austin and i listen to records at home and go to shows, so i guess i'm exaggerating a little bit. additionally, i've worked at the mall for most of my adult life, and there are soundtracks there. but that's where the problem stems from, i think.. i got really, really good at blocking out music. i rarely agree with any of my store's choices in soundtracks, and so i've gotten to the point where they legitimately fade away and i don't notice them unless someone brings them to my attention.

it's strange how much of a backseat music has taken in my life. i don't know if it's just becoming older or what.. because i still love music and listen to it, i just don't spend the time on music that i used to. the "new music" that i "discover" these days are when austin goes to shows out of town, we go to shows locally, or other friends recommend music to me. which is cool, because they're normally local bands and it's nice to support that. i still keep mix cds from high school, college, and early on in austin and my relationship in my car, and listening to those always make me feel this weird comfort. at the time that i was listening to some of those, i was probably so mixed up and confused, but now they're these really nostalgic, happy pieces of history.

i didn't feel comfortable making a playlist, because, well.. it'd all be taylor swift & jack white. but i'm going to post a couple of songs here that have ~meant something~ to me in the past year. i've already warned you about how limited my taste is right about now, so keep that in mind. ;)


ps, i can also confidently recommend dads, everything on sewn together records (they even have a christmas album!), eternal summers, the bastards of fate, and everything on flannel gurl records if you were interested in the local music i was referring to.

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