Tuesday, December 4, 2012

radvent, day 4

let them eat cake
radvent, day 4: sincerely

today i got a thank you card from my meemaw. her birthday is tomorrow, and my mom held a surprise party for her over the weekend. she was thanking austin and i for attending and for our gift. i really like getting cards, and i really like that she sends thank you cards for things like that, although, if i'm honest, i'd probably prefer to just talk to her on the phone. i also know that she and one of my cousins-in-law are penpals, and i love that.

i've taken the initiative to randomly send a card one time in my life, and i just didn't feel all that fulfilled. i'd so. much. rather. pick up the phone and call them when i'm thinking about them. i'm trying to resolve this in my mind, to figure out a time that obviously sending a short note would be perfect and unexpected and awesome.

but i think i'm actually just lazy.

becca sends me the most perfect postcards and tiny pieces of mail all of the time and i love them. i started collecting random cards and postcards.. and they're just sitting on my shelves.

this all goes back to my wanting to send out christmas cards and then just not doing it.

to me, letter writing and card sending all come back down to showing people that you're appreciating them and giving them a little bit of attention. while sending a random text to say hi or picking up a tshirt when it reminds me of someone isn't necessarily the most creative or original thing to do, i'm glad that i'm the kind of person who at least does that.

maybe card writing will come when i get it together even more. i hope so.

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