Thursday, December 13, 2012

radvent, days 12 & 13

well, i dropped the ball. i just wasn't feeling inspired. and then one line from meg's post stood out to me and all of a sudden, i was. idk. but i said from the beginning that it's whatever, i'm not going to lose sleep over making these posts.

radvent, day 12: acceptance

for me, this subject is about accepting that people are going to be themselves, no matter how much i wish i could change them or help them fix their flaws. without sounding like a know-it-all, i guess. at my last job, there was this weird clique of people who were not going to let me in, regardless of how well i treated them. one in particular kind of seemed to make it her goal to make me miserable, either by lying to me, lying about me, or just plain being mean to me. i constantly wanted to point out to each one of them just how back-stabby (to one another, even!) and cliquey they were in every way, but i didn't.. because i'm pretty sure they knew, and it's just how they chose to be. in my life, i'd work forever to get rid of that aspect of my life, but i think they enjoyed it. this is an extreme example, but it's kind of the best and quickest way to get to my point - people are different because they choose to be, and you know what? that's awesome. i shouldn't feel the need to "educate" or change every person i meet. i'm not saying that i don't feel like it's important to share opinions where you may see fit, but i am going to work on my overall acceptance of others. like the one time that my dad and i legitimately screamed over how stupid i thought twilight was. i 100% felt as though i was in the right, but he (and several of our loved ones who may or may not have been in the room...) enjoyed them! so honestly, who was i to get on my high horse? shoulda just ~accepted~ them.

day 13: making

i think i've slacked on my creative side over the past couple of months. in my defense, i started a new job and then all of a sudden i was working holiday in one of the busiest stores in the mall. i'm hoping to find some time this weekend to make a couple of ornaments and maybe even pull out my sewing machine (gasp).

short and sweet and to the point. <3

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  1. i have also SERIOUSLY abandoned my creative side... but i tried to bring it out today! something about the holidays that makes me want to create :)

    glad the olive oil was a success its SO SO good.