Wednesday, December 5, 2012

radvent, day 5

radvent, day 5: decorate

i don't spend a lot of time thinking about decorating our house. sometimes i think about ways to change things around, but i usually put it off since we'll be moving soonish. there are some really sweet parts of our house that i love due to the decor, or the placement of things, but mostly i love our house because we live in it. the decorations are just evidence of our existence, i guess.

arguably the girliest part of my dresser. ;) everyone uses their perfume bottles as decoration, and understandably so.. they're so, so pretty.

the pile of presents keeps growing and we keep adding ornaments to the tree (see the little cinnamon ones? those are from bekuh. and there's a new little starbucks cup from austin's bandmate). i really really love sitting in front of this guy every day, and i know i'm going to be sad when it has to get put away. :( i may be becoming a christmas decorations person after all.

austin's record room isn't really decorated per se, but i love everything in it. our stacks of books, randomly placed chairs, and his little knick knacks about the bookcase are this perfect combination of all of the things we love to use.

this pillow serves as extra seating when there are too many people in the record room. and he's a perfect example of our year round halloween decorations. ;)

i'm sure the older that i get and the nicer our places are, the more decorating will matter. we've definitely started collecting nice decorating things, but i never want to force it. i'm so happy living where i am, so excited that we are creating this little home for ourselves, and so proud of the things we've collected thus far.


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