Sunday, December 9, 2012

radvent, day 8


radvent, day 8: saving

for the first time in my whole short adult life, i am living pretty comfortably. i know that since i've said this on the internet, i'm going to all of a sudden get a dramatic bill that i wasn't expecting (isn't that a weird adult thing that strangely actually happens even though it seems impossible when parents say it???), but whatever. i'm comfortable. i can usually get what i need and what i want these days.

the problem with feeling comfortable is the fact that i'm overly comfortable and i pretty much get myself whatever i want. which is so stupid and i need to stop all that. i've been calculating a pretty rigorous savings plan for myself, one that i'm going to start in january (new year's resolution lol).

meg's point about how reading blogs makes you think you need to buy, buy, buy is a valid one. seeing pictures of beautiful homes, cute outfits, and picture-perfect lives can kind of make you feel like you need all of that, at once. but it isn't necessary and i'm hoping to get better about realizing that.

working in retail makes it hard to remember when to just. stop. buying, too. i obviously want to wear the clothes so that i can sell the clothes, and i know that i'm getting a good deal on quality clothes with my discount so it's like not aaaaas big of a deal but these are exactly the kinds of excuses i should probably stop making for myself. if i refresh my wardrobe with a couple of items a season, my basics will carry me through. ..instead of buying errythang all the time. you know.

i've gotten better the past couple of months, because i stopped buying things for myself and just focused on all of my favorite people instead. ;) so, the real test will be january - when i'm feeling extra wealthy with nowhere to put the money (except for in my savings account).

over the last week, this radvent subject has been the one most relevant to where i'm at right now. i've been thinking about it a lot lately, and i think it's time to get serious about saving. ;)


  1. Literally, I leave a trail of bobby pins everywhere I go. Such a waste. xoxo

    1. hahah i know! that drawing is so legitimate.

  2. i think you should do a savings plan 101... im in DESPERATE need of getting my finances together! eek!

  3. If you figure out the savings thing, please share! lol I am in trouble all the time it seems like! I blame student loans... and maybe car insurance. haha

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