Thursday, December 6, 2012

radvent, day 6

radvent, day 6: humbling

humility seems like something that everyone struggles with. i know that i do, and i see it in some of my absolute favorite people, too. working in a service job is one of the greatest ways to learn about humility, in my opinion. the ways that some people feel comfortable treating service workers is ridiculous. i've seen my coworkers treated so badly that i couldn't even make up the stories. because of this, i try to be a courteous customer, no matter where i am. i try to tip as well as i can, within my means, i clean up messes that i create in stores, and i make sure that the people i interact with know that i appreciate them as people. the smallest thing can go the furthest, especially for a service employee working this time of year.

i really liked meg's suggestions for today, although i can't participate since i will be at my ~service job, where i'm meant to talk a lot. today's topic resonates, though, because i've been thinking a lot about my humbleness with friends, family, and strangers. i really like meg's suggestion to "stay out of the way!" i always want to be in on the fun, but maybe taking a step back and being an observer would be an important lesson for me. that's what i'm going to work on (when i'm not at work..). :)

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