Monday, December 10, 2012

radvent, day 9

radvent, day 9: advice

i'm more for taking advice than giving it, to be honest. i hardly ever feel like i'm in a position to give advice, unless it's to lindsey about ~boyz, in which case i'm perfectly qualified. ;)

there are very few decisions that i make without asking for advice. not because i'm indecisive or have a hard time living life or anything, just because i really like opinions and i think other people are the best learning tools. if that makes sense. it kind of sounds rude. but whatever - most of the time, people can give you insight that you otherwise wouldn't have thought of. i love it. i love talking to anyone and everyone about things, especially if i'm having a rough time with a big decision. in fact, when i was trying to decide whether to take my current job, i think i discussed it with just about everyone that i came into contact with.

basically, my advice is to take advice. all the time.

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