Friday, July 13, 2012


wearing: you know those phases you go through where you hate your closet and everything in it? that's me, right now. it's probably partially the weather, partially starting a new job & feeling like a new style should come with it, but mostly just being a fickle girl and reading too many style blogs. today, i went back to my basics.. a loud and comfy thrifted dress (i think it had to have belonged to a 3rd grader in 1993.. so probably me) and a favorite necklace. sometimes i actually refer to it as my lucky necklace and i have no idea why. i just love it.. i got it at a deadhorse show here in roanoke. the girl in the band sells jewelry on the road. she has an online store, too!

reading: i'm still working through "oryx and crake" right now. i'm not as into it as i was "the year of the flood," unfortunately. it's kind of a bummer when you don't like the narrator of a book, haha. luckily, my list of books i want to read is continuing to grow in a serious way, and austin and i are starting to want to read similar things, so i'm pretty excited about the reading coming my way. :)

kinda giddy about: my mama picked out a wedding dress tonight! i couldn't be there, because she's notorious for making plans way too late and i had to work, but she and i kendall came to visit afterwards and i'm just so excited for her.

watching: austin and i have gotten back into weird documentaries. this is probably the best and the worst thing because i tend to get really obsessed with things, and documentaries are basically other people obsessing over things. unnecessarily, usually. in the last few nights, we've watched one about monopoly (pretty cute.. i ended up crying happy tears) and one about a man on death row (pretty horrifying.. i ended up disgusting crying).

prematurely excited about: target's news! i can't get enough of these collaborations, but this one seems like the most perfect one so far: alice + olivia, band of outsiders, marc jacobs, rag & bone, rodarte.. ?! SO EXCITING.

avoiding: the fridge. i need to go grocery shopping and i really think all we have anymore are ice cream sandwiches, which are at a maximum of 1/day in my life. but YUM. eep. grocery shopping asap.

have a good weekend! <3


  1. Your hair looks so cute!!

  2. There's a documentary called "Life in a Day" that's streaming on Netflix. It was a little strange, but neat, although it contained some graphic parts as well. I would still recommend it though.

    That's a super cute necklace, btw.

  3. i LOVE the necklace! i have one thats a mini harmonica (and it really works). talk about fun! haha

    and as for weird documentaries... have you seen catfish? STRANGE strange STRANGE!

  4. If only I could get my fella into reading! I have an overflowing bookcase and he's not into books at all. Maybe I should start reading to him, like bedtime stories snuggled under the blanket... Hmmm!