Thursday, July 19, 2012

whoa whoa whoa.. hold the phones

i think i just lost all semblance of cool. while catching up on blogs, i clicked on a link from making it lovely only because it mentioned gilmore girls (bekuh and i were just talking about gilmore girls at the button factory meeting!). it ended up being this list of books that rory reads throughout the show.

i wasn't super convinced by that list, so i kept searching, and found a couple more.

apparently the wb used to have a section of their website dedicated to rory's reading, and this is a reproduction of that list. these are mostly classics, but there are some i've heard of and never read, and some that i've never heard of, so i'm excited about making my own list from this one!

my favorite list was this one, which lists every book mentioned in every episode (whoa). looooots to go through here!

i have no idea why i'd never thought of something like this before, but i'm so glad other people have! ;) all of the reading lists i've made previously have officially been pushed to the side, because honestly, i just want to be as cool as rory gilmore. <3


  1. Hold the phone I want that list too! Looks like more discussions on Gilmore Girls will be in our future. haha

  2. hahaha i LOVE this! rory is such a gem

  3. yes! I love this. When the show was in the final season I started readin all of these books ... and didn't get very far at all :)

  4. I want to be as cool as Rory too! Oh I miss Gilmore Girls. I must have seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times but I never get tired of watching! I like the last link...I may have to make my own list from that too :)


    Okay, sorry, haha. Thank you for posting this!! Can't wait to share it with a friend of mine!