Monday, July 30, 2012

on not being annoyed by everything in the universe


i'm generally a fairly level-headed and positive person. but it is so. easy. for things to get under my skin, and for me to lose my cool. something as tiny as a rude tshirt or chikfila day can make me want to scream. usually my issues with things are understandable, but sometimes the dumbest things make me lose my head.

when this happens, i'm sometimes a really huge brat in response, and i know it, but i then don't stop being a huge brat because i generally justify brattiness in my head. and a lot of times i don't share this brattiness with anyone else, so that i can continue the evil cycle of being bratty -> justifying being bratty -> start at the beginning.

i'm mostly a really positive person and i mostly really like everything and everyone, or i can at least find good enough things in regards to everything and everyone to appreciate everything and everyone in SOME way. but.

when people are seemingly going out of their way to hurt your feelings, it's hard not to feel a little childish, a little off-center, and a little not positive.

there's really no reason to write this post, because i'm not 100% getting anything out of it, other than speaking through it (and maybe trying to justify my current brattiness.......... uh). honestly, now that my old boss and my old roommate/his girlfriend are out of my life, things haven't been so difficult to let go of and continue on my merry way. but there have been a couple of things recently that have just rubbed me the wrong way, and i've had trouble just getting over it. i tend to over think other people's words, overly apply them to me, and make wrong assumptions, too. ;)

working in retail has made me A LOT more accepting of odd quirks in people and of annoying things in our society, so i know i've grown up in my dealings of things.. but when i get down like this, it's hard to come back from it.

a little rambly.. but here's to hoping i can kick the negative out of my system, haha. <3

(i love this! like literally laughing out loud at how ridiculous & perfect it is)


  1. I feel you, I can get bratty too and usually have to literally bite my tongue sometimes and try and chill out before I post something online. :) I absolutely love the FEELINGS picture. It's ok to be bratty sometimes!!

  2. girl i feel like this TODAY. im about to scream scream scream! so nice to know that others just lose it sometimes too. the best part? it goes away quickly and life is back on track :)