Monday, July 16, 2012

summer style rut

i really hate the summer, you guys.

overwhelming heat, mosquitoes, high school kids in my store ALL DAY rather than just post-4pm, bees, hearing about everyone else's awesome vacations that i'll never be able to afford, spiders, etc..

and also the part where i only know how to look cute when i can layer times a million, and i cannot layer in the summer.

boring boring boring.

i actually did feel pretty cute, today, though. i work with adorable girls who have been inspiring me style-wise. my sister and i are hopefully going shopping on tuesday (gotta keep taking advantage of these sales, y'all!), so maybe that'll help me, too. and have you guys seen the asos sale?! i have four dresses, a belt, and a clutch in my bag for a grand total of $65.. whoa. here's looking forward to learning how to dress for the next 2 months..

necklace: build it yourself via anthropologie
tank top: american eagle
jeans: levis
shoes: target (out of stock, but look at these!)



  1. But what about freckles, longer days and ice cold lemonade? :) I used to hate summer, too, but now I hate winter so much that I embrace the heat.

    I never know what to wear, either... I always end up wearing the same two outfits to everything, or I'll throw on a dress and call it a day.

  2. So... I know this is completely unrelated but I love your tattoos. At least you can rely on those accessories when your clothes aren't completely coming together.

  3. i really like your shoes!! and i'm sorry you're feeling so uninspired by summer, but i think you are totally rocking this outfit!